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Machine Learning

Machine learning, the study computer algorithms that improve through experience, and artificial intelligence have a strong influence on society today, both in practice and in people's minds. Many organisations, both in the public sector and in business, are trying to take advantage of the new technology.

The course gives basic knowledge of the most important algorithms and theories that form the foundation of machine learning and computational intelligence, and a practical knowledge of machine learning algorithms and methods.

Only students from the following programmes can apply: Master's Programme in Mathematical Statistics, Master's Programme in Actuarial Mathematics, and Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science.

This course is given jointly with KTH, and you can find more information about the schedule, course literature etc. on KTH's pages - see links below.

Overlapping courses

The material in this course is also covered in the following courses:

Statistical Learning (MT7038)
Unsupervised Learning (MT7039)
Statistical Deep Learning (MT7042)

The course should therefore not be included in a degree which also contains either both MT7038 and MT7039, or both MT7038 and MT7042. Since we now have courses of our own covering this material, DA7063 Machine Learning will be given for the last time in the spring 2022.