Globalization, Environment and Social Change, 15 credits

About the education

The course introduces different perspectives on globalization, environment and social change, with special

emphasis on the historical roots of globalization and on different thematic issues. The course seeks to analyze

contemporary challenges in the light of past and present socioeconomic and environmental transformations that globalization has brought about. The course focuses on the relationships between environmental and social problems, and how these interact with global political and economic activity. The overall aim of the course is to critically and historically analyze these questions from different theoretical perspectives. In addition, the

possibilities and limitation of interdisciplinary research and the relationship between science and politics will be explored.

Subject: Economic History

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Area of interest: Business and Economics

Business and Economics is important at all levels in society. Business Administration teaches you how companies and other organizations work and how they can achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Do you want a long-term perspective and are you interested in what causes financial crises and why certain economies grow faster than others? Then Economic History is the subject for you.

If you wish to study how decisions made by human beings affect society, then Political Economy is a wise choice.

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Department of Economic History