Introduction to Business Studies, Course Module, 30 credits

About the course

Introduction to Business Studies gives an overall picture of the subject. After the course, you can apply business analytical methods in finance and accounting. You also get an understanding of how organizations are managed (management) and act on the market.

Four different courses are included in the course package: Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting, Principles of Finance and Principles of Management. They provide general knowledge required for further studies in the subject. This course packages are also a good complement to other studies.

Introduction to Business Studies overlaps with Business Administration I, the courses cannot be included in the same degree.

Introduction to Business Studies also largely overlap with Advertising and PR I, the following courses cannot be included in the same degree:

Principles of Management and Advertising and PR: Basic Management.

Principles of Accounting and Advertising and PR: Basic Accounting.

Principles of Marketing and Advertising and PR: Basic Marketing

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