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Business Administration III Marketing, Course Module

The course module Business Administration III Marketing develops your ability to independently analyze problems within the business area of marketing. You will conduct a larger survey and apply your theoretical knowledge in this area.

The overall purpose of the course module is to develop the students' understanding of current topics, methods and analytical tools in marketing research, thereby developing their ability to construct and analyze a research problem based on previous conclusions and issues in the marketing literature.

  • Course structure

    the courses in the course module are stydied full-time during the day, 100%. As admitted on the course module, you must register for the courses within the module before the start of the semester.

    Teaching format

    The teaching consists of lectures as well as group exercises and / or seminars.

    The structure of the teaching is stated in information that is available before each semester on each course website.

    Courses within the Course Module

    Frontiers in Marketing Research 7.5 credits
    Research Methods in Business Administration and Marketing 7.5 credits
    Bachelor's Degree Thesis in Business Administration 15 credits


    The course module includes various examination forms such as individual written examinations, home examinations and current examinations in accordance with what is stated in each course syllabus.

    As of autumn 2016, new degree requirements apply


    Grades are given on each individual course. Grading in each course is stated according to a seven-point goal-related grading scale. A, B, C, D and E are approved grades. Fx and F are failed grades and if there is an opportunity to supplement Fx, this is stated in the course syllabus for each course.

    Grading criteria

    Grading criteria are determined for each course by the examiner and are stated in written instructions that are available on each course website before the course starts.

  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    See reading list in the current syllabus.

  • Contact

    For more information about the Course Module, contact the Academic Advisors.