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Project in Experimental Modern Physics

  • 7.5 credits

Experimental physics research is more than just working at a lab bench. You need to be able to research and plan experiments, communicate your work and results with other scientists, and practice good scientific, social and ethical judgement.

The course consists of experimental project work in order to provide deeper insights into modern physics and experimental methods. You will learn to independently plan and conduct a major experiment, report about it orally and in writing, critically review the work of others, and make judgments with regard to scientific, social and ethical aspects. An introduction to scientific literature research is given at the beginning of the course.

  • Course structure

    This is a first cycle course given during the daytime. It is an elective course.

    Teaching format

    The course consists of group instruction and seminars, as well as the project work. Participation in group instruction is obligatory. Under special circumstances, the examiner, may allow exemptions from participating in certain compulsory sessions.
    The course may be given in English.


    The course is examined through a written exam and oral reports, peer review of other student’s work, and seminar activities. 


    During the autumn 2020

    Katrin Amann-Winkel, tel: 08 5537 8700 e-post:
    Anders Hedqvist, tel: 08 5537 8703, e-post:

    Laboratory instructors:

    Samuel Silverstein, tel: 08 5537 8693, e-mail:
    Mohamed Bourennane , tel: 08 5537 8736, e-post:
    Foivos Perakis, tel: 08 5537 8574, e-post:


    Ievgenii Borodianskyi, tel: 08 5537 8615, e-post:
    Sara Boscolo, tel: 08 5537 8624, e-post:
    Walid Cherifi, tel: 08 5537 8679, e-post:
    Patrawan Pasuwan, tel: 08 5537 8627, e-post:
    Markus Preston, tel: 08 5537 8683, e-post:
    Massimiliano Smania, tel: 08 5537 8073, e-post:

  • Contact

    Academic advisor at the Department of Physics: