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Formations of Cinema Studies: Critical Approaches, Contemporary Challenges, Core Course 2

Formations of Cinema Studies: Critical Approaches, Contemporary Challenges, Core Course 2, 7,5 credits is a mandatory part of Master's Programme in Cinema Studies. Only students admitted to the programme can take this course and are registered by the Department.

The core course 1 & 2 explores a range of critical approaches to the study of cinema and the moving image. Focusing on theoretical issues and methodological questions, the course serves as an advanced introduction to the disciplinary formation of Cinema Studies, its current research themes and contemporary debates. In continuation of the Core Course 1, this course offers an enhanced orientation into mediatheoretical questions, focusing on the specificity of film as medium and technology. The aim is to foster critical thinking and the development of analytical skills and research practices. On completion of the course, students should demonstrate 1. enhanced understanding of the range of methodologies and theories currently employed within Cinema Studies; 2. ability to identify and critically reflect upon key contemporary debates concerning the field of moving image, and to relate their own research interests to these; 3. ability to reflect upon the role of film in the history of media shifts as well as on the the technological conditions of the moving image.

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