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New Media Studies - Beyond Screen Representation

  • 7.5 credits

Cinema Studies is much more than the study of film and television. This course is for you who are interested in contemporary culture and technology and want to know more about present debates in media theory. Exploring a wide range of media forms from new perspectives, the course challenges the notion of what Cinema Studies really is.

The course offers critical and analytical tools for moving motion picture in today’s changing media landscape. Whereas scholarship in the fields of film and television studies have developed during the past decades a wide array of approaches to representation, aesthetics, spectatorship and media industries, the contemporary mediascape poses new questions that demand new critical vocabularies and theoretical perspectives.

During the course, we will survey ideas that emerged in recent years and that have proved crucial for adapting the field to the contemporary media age by way of posing inquires beyond the territory of screen representation. Among other issue, we will questions how do formats such as mp3 and PDF challenge established notions of medium specificity? How does theorizing software and hardware introduce new formulations of ideology and subjectivity? How do the infrastructures of fiber-optic networks operate and impact the environments? And how did the openness of today’s “network society” consolidate around the highly centralized platform economy?

Finally, we will explore how contemporary works have broadened the scope of the subjects that concern media scholarship, by looking at select case studies such as feminist critique of airport security systems, the visual culture of post-9/11 drones and facial recognition systems, the future of smart cities, and the possibilities of rethinking of media in broader frames that go beyond artistic and communication technologies.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.
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