Mineralogy, 7.5 credits

Mineralogy (distance course)

The course covers crystallography, mineral chemistry, mineral physics, physical and optical properties of minerals, mineral identification and mineral analysis.

Course page www.tellus.geo.su.se

Course structure


Is based on a written/oral assessment at the end of the course. Assessment criteria are:

A = Excellent
B = Very good
C = Good
D = Satisfactory
E = Sufficient
Fx = Insufficient
F = Entirely insufficient

The assessment criteria will be outlined at the start of the course. To pass the course, a minimum grade E is necessary.

Course literature

Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

W. D. Nesse, 2009
Introduction to Mineralogy
Oxford University Press
ISBN10: 0195391144
ISBN 13: 9780195391145


C. Klein and A. Philpotts, 2012
Earth Materials: Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521145213


Alasdair SkeltonProfessor of Geochemistry and petrology
Alasdair Skelton
+46 (0)8 16 47 50 | Room: R425

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