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Global Geochemical Cycles

The course provides knowledge on global geochemical cycles, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and Earth’s interior.

cloudy sky with a rainbow and two islands on the horizont
The karst islands of Palau (Micronesia), where geological uplift and carbonate weathering, ocean biogeochemistry, atmospheric activity and the biosphere come together. Credit: Rienk Smittenberg

It also gives an introduction to the evolution of Earth’s chemistry and provides an overview of geochemical processes, fluxes and feedbacks. Focus will be placed on the interaction between Earth’s different components to explain how global geochemical cycles interact and regulate the composition of the atmosphere and the oceans. The course also discusses the impact of humans on global cycles.

Course period Autumn 2021: Monday November 1–Wednesday December 1 (incorrect study period in the right column).

GG4209 Course information and grading (51 Kb)

Autumn term 21 | Depending on the number of students and current restrictions, the course will either be given "as usual" or with lectures via Zoom and exercises on as many occasions as needed to be able to work in smaller groups.
The information will be updated before the start of the course depending on the situation at that time.