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Bachelor Programme in Latin American Studies with specialization in Spanish

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA 2014: The pedestrian Via Balcon (Balcony Path) overthe Parque Urbano Central
The pedestrian Via Balcon (Balcony Path) (about 3 kms long) over the Parque Urbano Central (Central Urban Park) built to enjoy the view of the city photographed on October 14, 2014 in La Paz, Bolivia

This Bachelor's program has a multidisciplinary and international profile. It provides knowledge about the history, politics, economics and social and cultural development in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Hispanic USA. This region is currently undergoing major changes, with new movements and ideas gaining ground, the change of trading patterns, and the reduction of poverty. While the continent is looking for its role in today's global context, giving the opportunity to previously excluded and marginalized groups to demand their rights within the political and economic development. But despite the progress many of the countries on the continent are still characterized by the inequality and instability of the past. The interplay between the past, the present and future are the focus of Latin American Studies, and you as a student to study Latin America from many perspectives. Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary subject that derives its theoretical and methodological approaches from the social sciences and humanities. The Bachelor Programme in Latin American Studies includes six semesters of study (180 credits) and consists of the main area-specific required courses totaling 90 credits, compulsory courses in Spanish or Portuguese, totaling 60 credits and optional course's for a total of 30 credits. Within the program, students have the opportunity to do an internship/field work in Latin America. In addition to the study of Latin America there will be given the opportunity to focus on individual themes and specific geographical areas of the continent. All teaching in Latin American Studies is conducted in English. Language of instruction is English and the language that belongs to the chosen specialization (Portuguese / Spanish). With a Bachelor degree you will have the requirements for admission to the advanced level.

Work opportunities

Knowledge of Latin American Studies are in demand in the labor market because of the continent's growing importance in trade and industry, government, international organizations and diplomacy, tourism and media.