Master's Programme in Language Science with a Specialisation in Latin, 120 credits

About the education

The Master’s programme in Language Science with a Specialisation in Latin provides an in-depth two-year course of study that aims to deepen and develop the knowledge in the Latin linguistic area, as well as strengthening the student’s interdisciplinary academic knowledge, including ethics, and research methods.

The programme consists of mandatory faculty courses for all specialisations, mandatory courses in Latin and elective courses from a range of courses offered by the faculty. The language of instruction is English. The degree project consists of a thesis that addresses an issue in the field of Latin linguistics. The topic of the thesis is chosen in consultation with a supervisor.

The programme, which provides detailed knowledge and skills, may serve as preparation for Third Level studies (PhD level) in Latin linguistics, or for a professional career in connection with language.

Subject: Latin

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Subject: Classical Languages

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Area of interest: Language and Linguistics

Languages open doors to other cultures, experiences, business contacts and collaboration between countries. At Stockholm University you can study nearly 30 different languages. You can also delve into more theoretical subjects such as Linguistics and Bilingualism.

Language and Linguistics studies can lead to a large variety of professions within teaching, research and industry, the public sector, trade and tourism, and other areas.

Department responsible for education

Department of Linguistics