Master's Programe in Language Science with a Specialisation in Typology and Linguistic Diversity, 120 credits

About the education

This specialisation provides a comprehensive two-year course of study of core areas in Linguistics: linguistic theory and methodology, scientific methods and research ethics, linguistic typology (phonetic, grammatical, lexical), statistical analysis in linguistics and corpus linguistics. Optional courses within the area of linguistics are, for example, field linguistics and grammatical theory. The programme ends with a 30-credit degree project where you, with the assistance of a supervisor, design and conduct a scientific investigation within the area of linguistics. Your work with the degree project will develop your ability to conduct a scientific investigation, analyse and discuss your observed data, and produce an academic essay. The programme aims at extending and deepening your knowledge in linguistics, as well as at strengthening your grasp of research methodology, research ethics and your ability to carry out scientific reasoning. The training consists of compulsory courses that are common to the whole programme (30 HEC), compulsory courses in the main field of study (45 HEC), as well as optional courses (45 HEC). The programme, which provides advanced knowledge and skills in the language sciences, may serve as preparation for PhD studies in linguistics, or for a professional career in connection with language.

Subject: Linguistics

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Area of interest: Language and Linguistics

Languages open doors to other cultures, experiences, business contacts and collaboration between countries. At Stockholm University you can study nearly 30 different languages. You can also delve into more theoretical subjects such as Linguistics and Bilingualism.

Language and Linguistics studies can lead to a large variety of professions within teaching, research and industry, the public sector, trade and tourism, and other areas.

Department responsible for education

Department of Linguistics