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Master’s Programme in Language Science with a Specialisation in Polish

The programme aims at extending and deepening your knowledge in the field of Polish. It also strengthens your grasp of research methodology, research ethics and your ability to carry out scientific reasoning.

The Master’s Programme in Language Science with a Specialisation in Polish provides a comprehensive two-year course of study aiming to develop and deepen your knowledge of Polish and Linguistics. The programme ends with a 30-credit degree project where you, with the assistance of a supervisor, design and conduct a scientific investigation addressing an issue in the field of Polish. Providing advanced knowledge and skills in the language sciences, the programme may serve as preparation for PhD studies, or for a professional career in connection with language. 

  • Programme overview

    The programme comprises four semesters of full-time study and consists of both mandatory and elective courses. 

    Year 1

    Semester 1

    Language in Use (LIM026) (main field: Linguistics)
    Scientific Methods and Research Ethics, 7.5 ECTS credits (main field: Philosophy)
    Elective courses amounting to 15 ECTS credits

    Semester 2

    Elective courses amounting to 30 ECTS credits
    For a Master’s degree (60 credits), 15 of the elective course credits will consist of the course Polish, Master's (60 credits) Course (SLPM71)

    Of the elective courses in semesters 1 and 2, 22.5 ECTS credits must consist of courses specific to the study route profile (main field: Slavic Languages). Elective courses are to be selected among those offered in the main field of study in consultation with the the coordinator for the study route. One of the profile courses may be taken in year two; if so, an elective course outside the study route profile of the study route will take its place in year one.

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    English for Academic Research, 7.5 ECTS credits (main field: English)
    Elective courses amounting to 22.5 ECTS credits
    Of the elective courses, students are recommended to take 15 ECTS credits in courses relevant to the study route job market.

    Semester 4

    Polish, Master's (120 credits) Course (SLPM73)

  • Contact


    Mattias Ågren, Director of Studies
    08-16 33 27

    Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German

    Department of Linguistics

    The Master's Programme in Language Science is administrated from the Department of Linguistics in collaboration with the language departments at Stockholm Univiersity. Each specialisation has its own coordinator.