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International perspectives on religious education in Europe

  • 7.5 credits

Are you interested in learning about Religious Education in Europe?

The course deals with various types of religious education (RE) that are represented in European state school systems. Religious education in each country is presented in relation to historical and social contexts and to church-state relations. The study of religious education considers macro, mezo and micro levels, and links these together with clear classroom examples. Both confessional and non-confessional variants of RE, as well as the school's relation to religious teaching environments outside compulsory school, are studied and discussed.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    Instruction is given in the form of lectures and seminars.

    Course requirements: deadlines for submission of written assignments is a mandatory element of the course. The language of instruction is English. Instruction is net-based. 


    The course is examined on the basis of continuous examination through written assignments. The language of examination is English.

  • Schedule

    This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to continuous change. For this reason, we do not recommend print-outs. At the start of the course, your institution will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
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