Journalistic Writing, 7.5 credits

About the education

The course is an introduction to journalistic writing with a focus on science journalism. The student learns source search, interviewing techniques and source criticism, journalistic writing and strategies for communicating research results in journalistic form aimed at a broad audience. The course highlights ethical issues and problematizes the respective roles of scientific knowledge and journalism. The practical part of the course consists of writing exercises and the collection of your own material as well as external monitoring in journalistic publications. Under supervision, the student writes texts based on their own scientific special knowledge.

Subject: Journalism

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Area of interest: Media and Communications

We live in a society where communication is becoming increasingly important. Media and Communications is an area of interest where you can study Journalism, learn investigative techniques and documentary storytelling. If you are interested in following and understanding how media is evolving in a rapidly changing media landscape, Media and Communication Studies is the subject for you. If you would rather work with communication in a marketing context you may find that Marketing Communication is exactly what you are looking for.

The study courses and programmes that we offer will enhance your competitiveness in many different areas in the Media and Communications industry.

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