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Recombinant Peptides and Proteins

  • 15 credits

The course covers design, construction and bacterial expression of genes encoding biologically important proteins and peptides. Induction experiments, purification and identification of the gene products are performed. The course also includes expression in mammalian cells followed by identification and analysis of gene products using immunological methods.

The aim is to provide the basic theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to independently start from design of genes encoding recombinant peptides and proteins, to proceed to expression, purification and analysis of gene products in E. coli and mammalian expression systems. These techniques are not only important as tools for functional studies of gene products, but also for design and production of e.g. novel pharmaceutical products.

The course consist of lectures, laboratory exercises, a literature seminar and exercises. The laboratory exercises are done in project form and runs throughout the whole course. Attendance during laboratory exercises, the literature seminar and other exercises is obligatory.

Course literature:

Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics, S.B. Primrose and R.M. Twyman, 7th Edition, Blackwell Publishing, ISBN: 1-4051-3544-1

For additional information: Einar Hallberg , course organizer

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.

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