Organic Chemistry - Reactivity and Structure, 15 credits

The course focus on the practical application of modern organic analytical techniques, which are available in most laboratories, and the ability to work with organic synthesis. The course is a good foundation for further specialization in organic chemistry, both for those interested in analytically and synthetically oriented work.

The theory involves two elements:

- Organic reaction theory with focus on mechanisms, the expansion and deeper understanding of the undergraduate course (Organic Chemistry I).

- Spectrometric methods (IR, UV, NMR and MS), chromatographic separation methods.

Laboratory work comprises two parts:

- Organic syntheses illustrating modern laboratory techniques and that relate to the reaction theory.

- Separation and identification of organic compounds in a complex mixture. The identification is made mainly with spectroscopy (IR, UV, NMR and MS).

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.

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