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Field Linguistics

  • 7.5 credits

The primary focus of this course is on practical work with a speaker of a (almost) non-described language, including structure and analysis of data.

Foto: Karolina Grzech
Foto: Karolina Grzech

The course also gives a more theoretical orientation on related themes such as ethical considerations, interaction techniques, aspects of documentation and recording and differences between description and documentation, practical considerations in the fieldwork situation, presentation of data, as well as general/typological aspects of syntax, morphology, phonology and phonetics, in accordance with the needs of the practical work.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The course is based on lectures, seminars and practical assignments.


    The course is examined through written assignments. 

  • Contact

    Student affairs office, Departement of Linguistics

    Södra huset, C 378
    Visiting hours for students
    Tuesdays 9.00-10.00
    Wednesdays 13.00-15.00
    Thursdays 9.00-11.00 and 13.00-16.00

    +46 8 16 23 47

    Director of Studies, Second and Third Level

    Sofia Gustafsson-Capková
    Office: C254
    Phone: +46 8 16 34 88
    E-mail: ma@ling.su.se 

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