Bilingualism in the Deaf, 7.5 credits

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Subject: Sign Language

Swedish Sign Language for beginners.

Learn a new, visual and unique language and let yourself be swept away into a signing world. Here you will learn how to express yourself in Swedish Sign Language, and take part in everyday conversations in Sign. We will give you an insight into the structure of Swedish Sign Language, similarities and differences between signed and spoken languages. You will learn the answers to frequently asked questions such as: Is sign language international? Can you swear in Sign? These courses are intended for beginners, no previous knowledge of sign language is required.

Swedish Sign Language.

These courses will give fluent signers a different perspective on Sign Language, and give an insight into what Swedish Sign Language really is like. How have signs been created? What does a sentence look like in Sign? How do we use the space in front of us when we sign? What similarities and differences are there between Swedish Sign Language and Swedish? How has the position of Swedish Sign Language in society changed over the years? These and many similar issues are studied in the courses offered at the Department of Sign Language, Stockholm University.

Area of interest: Language and Linguistics

Languages open doors to other cultures, experiences, business contacts and collaboration between countries. At Stockholm University you can study nearly 30 different languages. You can also delve into more theoretical subjects such as Linguistics and Bilingualism.

Language and Linguistics studies can lead to a large variety of professions within teaching, research and industry, the public sector, trade and tourism, and other areas.

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Department of Linguistics