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Environmental Organic Chemistry and Modeling

This course uses different modeling concepts to investigate how physicochemical properties and environmental factors affect contaminant transport and fate in the environment, bioaccumulation of contaminants in food webs and human exposure to contaminants.

The knowledge is useful in research within environmental chemistry and (eco)toxicology, risk analysis, environmental consultancy, chemical regulation and chemical stewardship in industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Physicochemical properties of organic contaminants
  • Partitioning of organic contaminants between air, water, soil, sediment and biota
  • Transport processes and reactions of organic contaminants in the environment
  • Basic modeling concepts and application of multimedia environmental models to contaminants
  • Modeling bioaccumulation of contaminants
  • Modeling pathways of human exposure to contaminants
  • Application of models in regulatory work