Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, 30 credits

About the course

The course provides basic knowledge about the movements and processes in the Earth's atmosphere and how they affect weather and climate. You study the atmosphere's vertical structure and the physical connection that can explain this. The starting point is the general gas law and the ideal properties of gases. Energy Conversions between work, internal energy and external heat sources / sinks are investigated using classical physics. Furthermore, treated evaporation, condensation and freezing of water, which largely determines the temperature variations in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, you get a basic knowledge of fluid mechanics in preparation for subsequent courses in meteorology, oceanography and climate. It's about laminar and turbulent flow, aerodynamic drag, boundary layer, convection between parallel walls and dynamic similarity, and the Navier-Stokes equations, continuity equation, virvlingsekvationen, Bernoulli's equation, Reynolds number and current function.

The atmosphere is driven by interactions between radiation, air molecules and particles. The course covers those processes based on fundamental physics and chemistry. Knowledge of atoms and molecules, radiation and chemical processes used to describe the composition of the atmosphere and energy balance. The focus is on understanding the greenhouse effect and chemical cycles that affect the development of the earth's climate.

The course introduces the theory of flow in rotating systems and its application to the atmosphere. Blue. treated geostrophic balance, according to which the wind blows along the isobars, thermal wind, which determines how the wind varies with height, Ekman spiral, which describes how it is affected by ground friction, and basic vortex dynamics, such Bjerknes circulation theorem and the conservation of the potential vortex.

It also includes analysis of current weather conditions and laboratory work in radiation chemistry.

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