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International Master’s Programme in Performance Studies

  • 120 credits

The International Master in Performance Studies is an innovative study programme aiming to provide students with excellent competences and skills for a profession in the performing arts and cultural field.

International Master’s Programme in Performance Studies

Performing arts today operate more and more on a global and international level. Due to these developments professional fields related to theatre and performance are changing and require intercultural knowledge and specific skills to be able to cope with project related and curational challenges. At the same time the study programme will expand the students' understanding of theatre and provide advanced theories and methods for the in-depth analysis of international contemporary and historical performance practices. A special emphasis is on dramaturgy and curational practices.

In the centre of teaching methods and didactics is the concept of supervised project work (both in research and practice) demanding from the students to engage in autonomous and group steered activities to foster their independent thinking, self-organization skills, ethical responsibility and creativity. An internship at a theatre or cultural institution is part of the study programme.

Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

  • Programme overview

    The Master's programme demands full time studies of four semesters (120 ECTS) and includes obligatory (60 ECTS) as well as eligible (30 ECTS) courses. One semester term consists normally for four courses of 7.5 ECTS. The Master thesis takes one semester (30 ECTS).

    All teaching is conducted through the medium of English.

    Our cooperation with the Department for Theatre Studies, Professional Master of International Dramaturgy (MID) at the University of Amsterdam offers students the possibility of a semester of study exchange. 

    Mandatory courses
    Advanced Research Methods in Performance Studies
    Cultural Theory and Transnational Performance I
    Cultural Theory and Transnational Performance II
    Curating Dramaturgy I 
    Curating Dramaturgi II
    Curating Events
    English for Academic Research (Department of English)
    Internship in Theatre Studies
    Master's Thesis
    Scientific Methods and Research Ethics (Department of Philosophy)

    Eligible courses
    Choose from the following:

    Cultural Policy and Management
    Dramaturgy and Performance Analysis
    Historiography of Performing Arts
    Performance, Activism and Social Movements
    Performativity, Body and Gender on Stage
    Performance Theory and Methodology
    Topics and Case Studies from Transnational Performance Practice

  • Meet us

    Meet our students

    “The programme is rigorous, stimulating and demanding in the best way”

    Want to know what it's really like to be a student at Stockholm University? Follow Emma, student at our Master’s Programme in Performance Studies, and learn more about student life in Sweden’s capital city. Go to the blog at Study in Sweden.

    “I can choose and structure my own studies”

    Brenda Amaru Ibarra Olguin studies the International Master’s Programme in Performance Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University.

    Brenda Amaru Ibarra Olguin

    A global and intercultural perspective on theatre and performance. That is the main reason why Mexican Brenda Amaru Ibarra Olguin chose to embark on this brand new master’s programme.

    “It’s really good. Some courses are mandatory while others are eligible. I can choose and structure my own studies and we often work independently. There is plenty to learn and we have to do an internship as part of the programme. This can be carried out in any country.”

    “The teachers pay a lot of attention to me, and in general it is very easy to connect with people. Sweden is an exciting place and the Swedes are very kind.”

  • Contact

    Study Councellor

    Johanna Karlsson