Master's Programme in Environmental Science - Atmosphere, Biogeochemistry and Climate, 120 credits

This program will give you the environmental science perspective on grand challenges of our society such as air and water quality, and climate change. You will get fundamental knowledge of the composition and functioning of the environmental compartments: the atmosphere – the freshwater and ocean – and the land systems. It also gives the earth and environmental systems understanding of how these compartments interact through transport, energy balances, the water and carbon cycles. A central part of this program is to gain a deeper understanding of how anthropogenic perturbations affect these natural systems. The first course “Large Scale Challenges to Climate and Environment” (15 credits) will present the sources, effects and mitigation options for key challenges. The second half of the first semester is a course on “Atmosphere, Biogeosphere, and Climate Change” (15 credits). This is then followed by a semester of elective courses in Biogeochemistry, Atmospheric and Climate Sciences and related disciplines, and a semester of optional courses. Finally, you will perform a Master’s degree project (thesis), in close association with one of the many strong research groups in our department.

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