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Bachelor's Programme in Biology

The bachelor programme in biology at Stockholm University gives very broad knowledge that finds many applications. The programme consists of one initial term of biology studies, followed by chemistry studies during one term and two terms of biology. The courses in biology provide theoretical and practical knowledge within all fields of biology. Most courses alternate theory with practical exercises in the form of practical laboratory work and field work. Certain courses are held during the summer. The final year provides you with the opportunity to study one part of biology in more depth, such as the economy of natural resources, botany, ethology, molecular biology, etc. It is also possible to broaden your education by a maximum of one term studying, for example, advanced chemistry, or why not law, economy, or another non-scientific subject? The opportunities to study in greater depth are nearly unlimited at Stockholm University, a large university with a strong foundation on research. The programme forms an excellent basis for continuing studies by taking one of the 9 Master's programmes within biology that are offered by Stockholm University.

The program provides a very broad and useful knowledge and opens the way for many different and exciting work, for instance in environmental conservation, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries. The studies may also lead you into more interdisciplinary areas of employment such as: energy, sustainable development, environmental engineering and urban planning. It is also common for biologists trained at Stockholm University working as researchers in different areas or with education in both primary, secondary and university levels. Biologists are also found in the media world as science journalists or as environmental consultant with clients from the private and public sectors. Many biologists also work as an investigator in the municipalities, counties or state agencies.