Master's Programme in Geological Sciences, 120 credits

About the programme

The M.Sc. program in Geological Sciences includes the study of processes that shape our planet, from the effects of plate tectonics on mountain building and basin development, to understanding causes behind volcanism and earthquakes. You will study the processes that control Earth’s climate system at timescales of anthropogenic relevance to timescales of hundreds to millions of years. Our education program builds on our research strengths in marine geology and geophysics, petrology and tectonics, and biogeochemistry. In marine geology we focus on the study of the physical, chemical and biological properties of sediments and sedimentary rocks to determine the processes that contributed to their formation and to reconstruct Earth’s environmental and climatic development. Marine geophysical methods for digital mapping of the sea floor form an important part of our education at SU. In petrology and tectonics we study rock deformation, tectonics and magmatism, together with fluid flow and chemical transport. Within biogeochemistry we focus on studying the chemical element distribution and biogeochemical processes that take place in all of Earth’s environments (water, air, rock, and soil). Our studies range from current environmental questions to the conditions for life during the evolution of our planet.

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