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Master's Programme in Climate Science

  • 120 credits

Master's Programme in Climate Science is open for application 16 October - 15 January. The Master’s programme in Climate Science is offered by the Bolin Centre for Climate Research and, just as the centre, is by its nature cross-disciplinary It emphasizes the breadth of climate science, providing an overview of climate and environmental change on a range of spatial and temporal scales. You will gain knowledge about the physical and chemical processes that govern Earth’s climate on both short and long timescales, and you will be exposed to state-of-the-art knowledge that is of direct relevance to society. The programme aims to give insight and understanding about climate change, its consequences for ecosystems and society, as well as mitigation efforts. You will gain an excellent foundation for a future career either related to climate and environment issues in governmental and other organizations, as well as research and teaching at universities.

The program consists of four obligatory courses that make up half of the program:

•     Social-Ecological Systems: Challenges and Approaches

•     Global Climate System

•     Polar and Alpine Environments and Climate Change

•     Climate Change Throughout Earth's History

The second half of the program consist of a thesis in a chosen sub-discipline as well as one or two more elective courses. For more information about the options and courses you may view the program website at

Interested applicants should submit their academic records as well as a document that contains the follow sections.

o     Motivation: Describe why you are interested in following our program (maximum 100 words)

o     Research ideas: Describe any research ideas that you many want to explore during the program (maximum 100 words)

o     Requirements: Please state briefly how you fulfil the requirements for English and mathematics. If you do not have 15 higher education credits in pure or applied mathematics, which other courses would you like us to consider as equivalent quantitative courses (e.g., statistics or physics)