Master's program in organic chemistry, 120 credits

The master’s programme in organic chemistry examines how to identify and synthesize small carbon-based molecules anddescribe howtheyinteract in complex biological systems. These molecules are the building blocks for life and also for many modern materials like pharmaceuticals, plastics and biofuels. A degree in organic chemistry could lead to uncovering and understanding pollution, developing new drugs, fuels or foods or even discovering new, more sustainable materialsin the private, public or academic sectors.Many students use our master’s programme as a stepping stone to a PhD in chemistry.The master’s in organic chemistry teaches you to become a researcher. A generous amount of laboratory time ensures that you can actually practiceall of the theory you learn–real science for the real world. You will work closely with leading researchers in analytical and synthetic organic chemistry, being coached in small groups with low teacher-student ratios. You will be surrounded by the world’s top chemists, not only some of the people who chose the Nobel winners but even attending the Nobel lectures of the prize winners themselves.

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