Global health: development and inequity, 7.5 credits

About the course

What is globalisation and how does it impact global public health? How are social and health related inequalities in rich and poor countries connected to global economic development and globalisation? What is sustainable development and how does it relate to individual and population health?

The course focuses on the reciprocal relationship between global development and global public health. Specific countries and world regions will be discussed, for instance Sub-Saharan Africa and countries in the former Soviet Union, both of which are struggling with growing health problems. Social inequalities in health within rich and poor countries and their connection with global developments will be discussed, as will the Sustainable Development Goals.

We will examine the present global health architecture, including international bodies such as the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Women as well as international organisations like the Red Cross, all of which are active in the field of global health and welfare. We will pay particular attention to issues surrounding global health equity, the call for a sustainable development and the mutual relations between these goals.

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