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Embodiment of the social world

This course addresses some fundamental processes through which the social world enters the individual’s body and mind.

The focus lies upon how these processes shape individuals’ behaviors and set the conditions for their health. The role of individual capabilities and agency is also discussed. In addition, the course touches upon the importance of the historical and political context in relation to various processes of embodiment.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The lectures and seminars will be held online, via Athena.
    For more details, please see the course description.

    The course will be taught in English.

    The teaching will be based on lectures and seminars.
    Participation in the seminars is mandatory.
    In case of absence, the student will be given compensatory assignments.

    You will find more detailed information in the course description:  PH04A0 Course description, Autumn term 2020 (289 Kb)


    Bitte Modin and Maria Granvik Saminathen

  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.
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