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Prevention, intervention, and health promotion

The course provides knowledge about general methods on prevention, intervention and health promotion.

The course provides knowledge about general methods on prevention, intervention and health promotion. The aim is to provide the student with knowledge and tools for motivational enhancement, attitude change, and behavioural change. After the course, the student should have basic theoretical and practical knowledge within the field.

  • Course structure

    For detailed information, please see the course description:  PH18A0 Course description 2021 (456 Kb)

    More information will also be distributed to all registered students through Athena.

    Teaching format

    The teaching will be based on lectures and seminars, including some practical work. Participation in the seminars is mandatory. In case of absence, the student will be given compensatory assignments.

    The course will be taught in English.

    See the course description for more detailed information. The course description will be available at least one month before the course starts.

    Course managers

    Peter Wennberg and Fabrizia Giannotta


    The course is examined through an individually written take-home exam, peer assessment, and active participation in the seminars.

    For more information on the examination, grading system and criteria, please see the course description (above under Course structure).

    If the student has a certificate from Stockholm University which recommends special pedagogical support, the examiner has the right offer the student alternative forms of examination.


    Peter Wennberg

  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.
  • Course reports

  • Contact

    Study counsellor
    Study administrator
    Coordinator, master's programme
    Director of Studies, Basic and advanced levels