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Traineeship in public health sciences

With guidance, the student takes part of the work at an organisation, public authority, university department, company or other workplace doing work or research related to public health issues.

The aim of the traineeship course is to provide students with work experience within the field of public health sciences. The aim is moreover to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and competencies in public health, as well as to increase the understanding of how work or research within the area of public health sciences can be carried out.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The course consists of a supervised traineeship at a workplace, conducting work or research related to public health issues.

    Before the traineeship starts a work plan must be handed in and approved by the course manager, presenting information on the workplace and the supervisor.

    The language of instruction varies depending on the workplace.

    For detailed course information, please see the course description that will become available on this page no later than one month before the course starts.

    More information will also be distributed to all registered students through Athena.

    Course manager

    Peter Larm


    The course is examined through an individually written report.

    The examination will be in English.

    For more information, please see the course description.


    Peter Larm

  • Contact

    Study counsellor
    Study administrator
    Coordinator, master's programme
    Director of Studies, Basic and advanced levels