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Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy

Our Psychotherapists programme (with the official name of "Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy") is a three year education programme of half-time studies to become a professional and independent psychotherapist in a complex clinical reality.

This is a specialized additional training programme in psychotherapy offered exclusively to those who already practise within a psychotherapeutic context.

You can choose one of four different orientations on this programme. The programme is taught in Swedish only, so please refer to the Swedish pages for more information.

CBT method

PDT method

CBT as a Specialist

PDT as a Specialist

  • How to apply

    You cannot apply for this programme directly, but need to apply to one of the four orientations, see the links above.

  • More information


    Can I study this programme in English?

    The programme is offered exclusively in Swedish and you have to fulfill the requirements of language proficiency before applying.

    How do I gain a license to practise in Sweden if I have foreign credentials?

    Licenses to practise in Sweden are applied for and granted by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). They are also in charge of assessing your credentials.

    Can I be admitted without a workplace where I can practise during the programme?

    No, you have to have a workplace that allows you to practise psycotherapeutic work during the entirety of the 3-year programme.

  • Contact

    Registered students should primarily use Athena for teacher communication.

    To contact the Student office or a Student Councellor, see below.

    More contacts in Education

    Study Councellor - Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy