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Bachelor’s Programme in Business, Ethics and Sustainability

Stockholm Business School’s undergraduate programme in Business, Ethics, and Sustainability offers a unique insight into the role of business in sustainable development.

Sustainable development is on top of the agenda of business, civil society, and governments. The Bachelor’s programme in Business, Ethics and Sustainability combines Business Studies with Practical Philosophy and Sustainability Science.

Thus, the crucial aspects of sustainable development will be covered within a unique programme that will prepare students for a career in business, public-sector organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

  • Programme overview

    Combining business studies with practical philosophy (including ethics) and sustainability science, the programme provides students with a comprehensive view on the different aspects of sustainable development, leading up to a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

    The programme is a cooperation between Stockholm Business School, the Philosophy Department of Stockholm University, and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

    In the first year, students will gain a broad overview over the main disciplines of business administration – Management, Finance, Accounting, and Marketing.

    The second year is divided between Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Philosophy Department of Stockholm University. In this year the students will first explore the foundations of sustainability science, with a focus on the relationships between society, the natural environment, and the economy.

    Next, students will explore the normative principles that govern people living in society and in a shared environment, and develop adaptive, transferrable analytical skills that can be used to explore original, independent solutions to the problems facing society.

    In the final year, students can either go abroad through one of our many exchange agreements or choose courses offered at Stockholm University. In the final semester, students will write a bachelor’s thesis in Business Administration.

    Semester 1: Introduction to Business Studies
    Semester 2: Global Business Studies
    Semester 3: Science for a Sustainable Development
    Semester 4: Practical Philosophy
    Semester 5: Elective Academic Studies
    Semester 6: Business Administration III

    Year 1

    Semester 1

    Introduction to Business Studies:

    Principles of Marketing 7,5 ECTS
    Principles of Accounting 7,5 ECTS
    Principles of Management 7,5 ECTS
    Principles of Finance 7,5 ECTS

    Semester 2

    Global Business Studies:

    Global Markets 7,5 ECTS
    Business, Politics and Culture 7,5 ECTS
    Consumption, Culture and Commerce 7,5 ECTS
    Global Business Ethics 7,5 ECTS

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    Science for a Sustainable Development

    Sustainability Science I
    Sustainability Science II

    Semester 4

    Practical Philosophy 30 ECTS credits

    Year 3

    Semester 5

    Elective Academic Courses 30 ECTS credits

    or Exchange Studies


    Semester 6

    Specialization including a Bachelor´s theses 30 ECTS credits

  • How to apply

    Read more about our application process and how to apply.

  • Career opportunities

    This Bachelor’s Programme will prepare you for a career both in the private and the public sector, potentially at the intersection of economic, social, and environmental issues that are central to sustainable development.

    Upon completion of the programme you will also be eligible for master programmes in Business Administration, should you decide to continue your studies.

  • Contact

    For more information about this programme, please contact our Academic Advisors