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Master’s Programme in Accounting and Management Control

This innovative and intellectually demanding programme takes on accounting and control issues from both a practical but also an interdisciplinary perspective in order to give insights into the practices of as well as the theories underpinning accounting and control.

The programme is given in close co-operation with the researchers in accounting and not only prepares students for senior positions as accountants, controlers or project managers, but also for academic research in the field of accounting.

Accounting is a central area in the managing, governing and financing of modern organisations. The globalisation of financial markets and new developments in regulation and governance of organisations have contributed to an increased demand in expertise in accounting. This goes for both practice and research.

Based on this empirical observation, the programme sets out to critically examine and analyze both financial accounting standards as well as control practices.

If you’re interested in accounting, you’ll love this programme! It’s fun and intellectually challenging.

The programme provides you with knowledge and skills in high demand among employers. It integrates topics highly relevant for practice with a research perspective.

What you will learn

Although part of the programme is devoted to simulate practices and to teach techniques, the overarching ambition is to develop an academic approach to accounting and control by introducing social theories and ideas of organizations and society.

During the third semester you can choose to do an internship, study abroad at one of our international partner universities or take elective courses at any other Swedish university.