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Schoolage Educare

During this course you will learn about Swedish school-age childcare which is also known as afterschool care. Theories about children’s play and learning will be introduced and discussed and you will learn about outdoor pedagogy.

Happy woman and kids at enrolment day with school cones. Photo: Mostphotos/Arne Trautmann

Please note! The syllabus has been updated. From the autumn semester 2023 the course is called UB129F Schoolage Educare.

You will explore outdoor pedagogy with focus on environments for learning. Value base and conflict issues within the Swedish school will also be introduced. Multimodal expressions, including but not limited to drama, visual art and music, will be an integrative part of the course.

The course is offered for international exchange students and for students who have applied for the course as a free standing (single subject) course.