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Schoolage Educare

During this course you will learn about Swedish school-age childcare which is also known as afterschool care. Theories about children’s play and learning will be introduced and discussed and you will learn about outdoor pedagogy.

Happy woman and kids at enrolment day with school cones. Photo: Mostphotos/Arne Trautmann

You will explore outdoor pedagogy with focus on environments for learning. Value base and conflict issues within the Swedish school will also be introduced. Multimodal expressions, including but not limited to drama, visual art and music, will be an integrative part of the course.

The course is offered for international exchange students and for students who have applied for the course as a free standing (single subject) course.




  • Course structure

    The study pace is 50% (half time).

    Classes are conducted twice a month approximately. In addition to the classes, you will work in study groups and visit various school-age educare facilities in groups.

    Teaching format

    The language of instruction is English.

    The course is delivered on campus as well as via the learning and collaboration platform Athena and study visits.

    Education on campus will have both theoretical and practical content and consists of lectures, seminars, group tasks, literature seminars, project work, presentations and assignments.

    Seminars, study visits, group tasks and web-based tasks are mandatory. Absence can be compensated in accordance with instructions by the course tutor. With an absence over 45% from the obligatory sessions the student is considered not to have taken the course and must re-register in order to complete the course at a later stage.

    Study Guide

    The Study Guide for the course will be published at the latest one month prior to the course start.

    Study Guide UE2097 School-age Educare Autumn semester 2021 (543 Kb)

    Study Guide Autumn semester 2022 (to be published at the latest one month before the course start)

    Study Guide Autumn semester 2023 (to be published at the latest one month before the course start)



    The course is examined on the basis of individual assignments, group work and  group presentations.


    The next opportunity for re-examination will be March 18th 2022.

    Please contact the course administrator at the latest March 4th to sign up for re-examination.


    Spring semester 2021 and autumn semester 2021: Patrik Lindholm, e-mail:

    Autumn semester 2022:

    Autumn semester 2023:

  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.

    Course period

    The course is offered autumn semesters with 50 % study pace.

    Autum semester 2021 August 30th 2021 until January 16th 2022

    Autumn semester 2022 August 29th until January 15th 2023

    Autumn semester 2023 (tba)

    The schedule is published at the latest one month prior to the course start.


  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    The course literature will be published at the latest two months prior to the course start.

  • Course reports

  • More information



    How to apply

    Application - a Step by Step Guide

    It is important that you docucment your eligibility and language proficiency in your application. You can find more information at

    Documenting eligibility

    Documenting English proficiency

    Exchange students

    Please note that exchange students apply according to a separate routine.

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  • Contact

    If you have questions about the content of the course contact the course leader.

    If you have administrative questions regarding admissions, registration, registration of grades, the learning and collaboration platform Athena etc. please contact the course administrator.

    Course examinator and course leader: Patrik Lindholm, e-mail:

    Course administrator: Malin Håkansson, e-mail:

    Department of Child and Youth Studies: