Schoolage Educare, 15 credits

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During this course you will learn about Swedish school-age childcare which is also known as afterschool care. Theories about children’s play and learning will be introduced and discussed. You will explore outdoor pedagogy with focus on environments for learning. Value base and conflict issues within the Swedish school will be introduced. Multimodal expressions, including but not limited to drama, visual art and music, will be an integrative part of the course.

The study pace is 50% (half time). Classes are conducted twice a month approximately. In addition to the classes, you will work in study groups and visit various school-age childcare facilities in groups.

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Subject: Leisure Pedagogic

Pedagogy for school-age childcare deals with children's social development, liberal/popular education and learning in relation to activities in school-age childcare. This area has developed in interaction between school and after-school/school-age childcare practices to create meaningful contexts for the child throughout the day. The field of knowledge of leisure pedagogy is largely informal learning that can be planned, but just as often about taking advantage of learning and development opportunities arising from children's play and interaction.

Area of interest: Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Law

Are you interested in human beings and society? How we function individually and together, what drives us, our learning processes, how rules and laws have been established, and how we interact with each other? If that is the case we have a lot to offer.

This area of interest covers anything from Pedagogy, Psychology and Gender Studies, to Statistics, Political Science, Law and many other subjects. Their common denominator is the relation between human beings and society, independent analytical thinking and often an international perspective.

Department responsible for education

Department of Child and Youth Studies