Courses, seminars and personal advice
The Research Support Office arranges several activities in connection with larger calls for applications. Contact us if you need personal advice or if you want us to hold a course or a seminar at your department.

Administrative support
During the course of a project, the Research Support Office responds to questions regarding accounting and other administrative issues related to the project. Larger projects may receive more help in return for an hourly charge if the project manager and the head of department require additional comprehensive and specific administrative support.

Support and advice during the application process
The Research Support Office will help you to read your application and provide tips regarding application tactics and strategy. We will also help you to establish a realistic budget for your project and provide contacts with external consultants who can review your application.

Provision of legal support when negotiating contracts and agreements
For larger collaborative project, it is important to regulate what applies between the parties of the project, for example the regulation of intellectual property rights. The Research Support Office can arrange contact with lawyers for legal advice. Many international projects obligate the entire University from a legal point of view. That is why your application to the EU or to NIH for example must be signed by the director of the Research Support Office who on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor / University Director represents the University in these issues.

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The Research Support Office is located on the 6th floor of the E building of Södra huset at Campus Frescati.