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”My university” has moved

The student web page My university has moved to the main web site The page has a new look and feel and this change also means better accessibility and that our students will have fewer web sites to keep track of.

Password management for eduroam and VPN to be changed

When you log in to Kontohantering to retrieve your password for eduroam or VPN, a new password will be generated. This is to increase security, and also means that you must log in again on the devices that you had connected to eduroam or VPN earlier.

Guidelines for telephony updated

An updated version of guidelines for telephony are now available for Stockholm University. The guidelines contain recommendations for telecommunications services and phone usage.


IT Services

Contact Helpdesk

Telephone: 08-16 1999

Telephone hours:

  • Workdays, shorter working hours in the summer 8.00 am-4:00 pm
    (May 1 - September 15)
  • Workdays, standard time 8.00 am-4:40 pm
      (September 16 - April 30)

IT Services in the University's staff catalogue