The performance of our learning platform Athena has been slightly shaky during the past weeks due to the increase in online teaching. Athena at SU is affected by the fact that many secondary schools also use itslearning and have switched over to online teaching which has put an enormous strain on the service. During the past few weeks traffic has increased by 500% for itslearning’s services. They have worked really hard to increase their server capacity. Parts of Athena such as assignments can still be perceived as being slow, but Itslearning is continuously working to increase capacity and improve the service.

Would it be possible to go back to using Mondo?

Because of the performance issues with Athena the question of going back to using Mondo has popped up. Mondo hasn’t been updated for a long time and the project for shutting Mondo down is already in progress. There’s no guarantee that Mondo will continue to function and IT Services strongly advices against going back to using Mondo. Anyone who goes back to using Mondo does so at their own risk.