During 2018, the licenses for Adobe Connect, used for different types of e-meetings, will be phased out and the service will be replaced by Zoom. Zoom is easy-to-use and provides support for different types of video and web meetings, as well as chat, collaboration, and sharing of files.

The Zoom service, provided through SUNET, has not yet been implemented and launched at SU, which means that IT Services’ Helpdesk can not provide support for the service at this time. However, SUNET has informed it’s users that it’s possible to use the national Zoom service already. IT Services advises SU employees NOT to do so because there will be difficulties when we launch the service at SU. Those who have already logged on to the national Zoom service will need to convert their account to SU's own Zoom, which may result in complications.

Information and support on how to switch to Zoom will be sent out to all registered users of Adobe Connect during the deployment. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Elli Eisenhauer.