During weeks 40-41 (October 1-14) all mobile devices will be switched over to the Tele2 network. 

The switch will happen automatically, so it is very important that everyone has their devices (phones, tablets etc.) switched on and connected to the telephone network. 

The devices that haven’t been updated automatically will have to change SIM cards with all the hassle that comes with that, such as new PIN and PUK codes, transferringof contacts etc. 

The automatic update should work even if a user is out of the country, as long as the devices are switched on and connected to the network. 

How will I know if I’ve been switched over?

The only way to check if you’ve been switched over to the new network is to check your phones APN settings. For information on how to do this, check your phones user guide. If the APN settings are 4g.Tele2.se you’re on the new network, if the settings are internet.tele2.se you’re still on the old network. Sometimes a restart is needed to be switched over.

If you have any questions about the network change, please contact Helpdesk.