A new video service has been launched at SU. The video service allows teachers to record or upload videos and distribute them as links or by publishing them in the Athena learning platform. The company Kaltura is behind the platform and we’re buying it through SUNET. A large number of higher education institutions in Sweden already use this platform to, among other things, manage video films in teaching. The service is available to all employees.

With the program "Kaltura Capture" you can record audio and video from your computer screen or from your webcam. You can choose to make the movies private or accessible for everyone. You can easily download Kaltura Capture from video.su.se.

The video service will shortly be integrated with Athena, which will allow you to embed your videos in a media player in different places on the course site.

You can find the video service at video.su.se 

If you have any questions about the service, please contact Helpdesk.