In the spring, all departments will be able to express their interest in starting to use Athena from the autumn semester 2018. 

In Athena, teachers plan the pedagogical work for both campus-based courses and distance learning courses. Other areas of use include support for collaboration between teachers.

Athena includes the following functions:

  • Planning function for structuring the course
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Calendar
  • Automatically generated groups
  • Communication
    -Via bulletins
    -Internal messaging function with notifications
    -Discussion forums
  • Assignments
    -Text comparisons in Urkund
    -Anonymous submissions
    -Peer review
    -Group hand-ins
  • Tasks (does not require submission)
  • Test tool (self-marking tests)
  • Collaborate in a shared document
  • Surveys (simple questionnaires)
  • There is also a mobile app.