Mondo has stability issues, and an expedited transition to Athena is thus necessary. The plan is that Mondo will be shut down in February 2020.

The transition to Athena is an operational project where each department must be responsible for and own its own process, as well as plan activities for training and course creation. It is important to understand that teachers must be given time to reconstruct their courses, as Athena is substantially different from Mondo. Athena provides completely different opportunities to structure courses and pedagogical ideas. 

How to express your interest

Step one is for you and your department to submit an expression of interest to start using Athena. IT Services will then continuously determine which departments are ready to move to Athena, and when. Everyone using Mondo is encouraged to submit an expression of interest. 

Before expressing your interest, it is important that you read the information on the requirements for departments that want to start using Athena. The information has been sent out to all departments.

The expression of interest should then be submitted by the head of department or equivalent. The expression of interest should specify which courses you intend to run in Athena.