Must be the head of department of equivalent.


Orders are made in Serviceportalen, su.se/serviceportalen.


It does not cost anything extra to start using Polopoly, as the cost is covered by the IT subscription that the department/unit is already paying.

Content Manager (Chief web editor)

A content manager must be appointed, who, on behalf of the head of department/director, is responsible for ensuring that the structure and content are in compliance with the University’s policies and guidelines.


The content manager (chief web editor) must complete training in Polopoly in order to gain access to the system. A schedule of this year’s training sessions can be found on the swedish website: "Polopolyutbildning". Any additional training beyond one content manager can be completed at cost.

Certified content manager

The content manager also has to complete three training sessions through "Kommunikationsnätverket" (the Communications Network):

  • Search engine optimisation for websites and web pages,
  • Writing for the web using the University’s voice,
  • Law for online content (web and social media).