Everyone must change their Voicemail PIN

Everyone will be prompted to change their Voicemail PIN-code when they log in to their Voicemail to prevent unauthorized access to their messages.

Video service facilitates distance learning

A new video service that allows teachers to record and upload videos for use in teaching has been launched. The videos can be distributed as links or published in the Athena learning platform.

New Zoom version – everyone must upgrade

E-meeting service Zoom is releasing a new version that mainly focusses on functions related to security. All Zoom users need to upgrade before May 31 in order to keep using Zoom. 

Security information about e-meeting service Zoom

Zoom has quickly become a much-used service at SU for both distance learning and remote meetings. Because it’s such an important service and there have been reports on security failures, the information security group has summarised ways to deal with these flaws.

Guidelines for telephony updated

An updated version of guidelines for telephony are now available for Stockholm University. The guidelines contain recommendations for telecommunications services and phone usage.


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