Security and Integrity with e-meeting service Zoom

There are a lot of functions in Zoom that you can choose to increase security and functionality for your meetings or lectures.

Create a digital study environment with Athena

“There are many opportunities with a digital learning platform like Athena. But it is also important as a teacher to think through how to get the most out of the system. – How you set up the teaching is always the most important, regardless of platform”, says Ulf Olsson from the Center for University Teacher Education.

Capacity in the Athena learning platform

Athena has been shaky during the past few weeks and our supplier is increasing server capacity as soon as possible. Going back to using Mondo is not an alternative.

A project to find an appropriate ”Play service” has started 

As SU has switched over to online teaching the need for recording, storing and presenting films has increased. IT Services has started a project to find a system for this as soon as possible.

Guidelines for telephony updated

An updated version of guidelines for telephony are now available for Stockholm University. The guidelines contain recommendations for telecommunications services and phone usage.


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