Gräsmattan framför Arrheniuslab

The first courses are now starting in the new learning platform Athena

The University’s new learning platform, Athena, is now in place, and planning has begun for a gradual transition from Mondo. A number of pilot courses will start in January in order to prepare for the big transition in the best way possible.

Guidelines for telephony updated

An updated version of guidelines for telephony are now available for Stockholm University. The guidelines contain recommendations for telecommunications services and phone usage.


IT Services

Contact Helpdesk

Telephone: 08-16 1999

Telephone hours:

  • Workdays, shorter working hours in the summer 8.00 am-4:00 pm
    (May 1 - September 15)
  • Workdays, standard time 8.00 am-4:40 pm
      (September 16 - April 30)

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