Vulnerability in Microsoft Remote Desktop

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in Microsofts’s Remote Desktop. The vulnerability is serious and IT Services has therefore decided to immediately block access to Remote Desktop while waiting for necessary security patches.

Would you like to start using Athena?

The old learning platform, Mondo, has stability issues and will be shut down. Those departments currently using Mondo need to prepare for the transition to the new learning platform, Athena. All departments interested in starting to use Athena should submit an expression of interest. You will find information on how to submit an expression of interest below.

Web interface has been closed

The web interface was closed April 30. You can find information here about some other ways you can use to access your files when you are not at SU, as well as frequently asked questions.

Guidelines for telephony updated

An updated version of guidelines for telephony are now available for Stockholm University. The guidelines contain recommendations for telecommunications services and phone usage.


IT Services

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Telephone: 08-16 1999

Telephone hours:

  • Workdays, shorter working hours in the summer 8.00 am-4:00 pm
    (May 1 - September 15)
  • Workdays, standard time 8.00 am-4:40 pm
      (September 16 - April 30)

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