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Höst i Frescati

Changes in the login sessions for Zoom

Starting October 1 changes will be implemented for Zoom login sessions which means that everyone will be logged out after twelve hours.

October is Cyber Security Month

Every October is Cyber Security Month. The purpose is to raise awareness and increase knowledge about Cyber Security. This year there'll be a number of digital activities to celebrate Cyber Security Month.

Zoom bug causes meetings to be shifted forward in time

A Zoom bug causes meetings to be shifted forward in time. Update to the latest version of Zoom to fix the problem.


IT Services

Contact Helpdesk

For IT support go to Serviceportalen -

  • You can find answers to frequently asked questions (800+ articles)
  • Questions, error reporting and orders can be placed via contact forms 
  • Open 24 hours a day

IT Services in the University's staff catalogue

If you have an urgent IT problem you can call Helpdesk