What do you work with? What type of support do you provide?

“Firstly, the Office of the President provides support to the university Senior Management Team through strategic management and following up on projects and initiatives. This support involves operational planning, budget and finance management, tailored reports, organisational and legal issues, quality assurance and evaluation, as well as supporting different organisational and decision-making bodies. Our office also provides support to academic departments and faculties through consultation, information, and education on different types of issues. External monitoring and strategic analysis of issues relating to evaluation, organisation, leadership and quality are also our responsibility.”

“The office has five different functions: Assisting, Auditing, Legal, Investigating/Examining, and Ensuring quality.”

Where is the office and how do we contact you?

“Our office is in Södra huset, Building A, 3rd floor. After summer 2017, we’ll move back into Bloms hus. Contact information for everyone is in the staff directory (SUKAT).”

“The legal division is easiest to contact at jurist@su.se. For organisational questions like the election or selection of people to boards and committees or the procedural rules for institutes and department, use organisation@su.se.”

Are there any big projects underway at the office?

One of the larger projects right now is with REBUS, the President's committee for programme evaluation and quality assurance systems. The President will make a decision on the university’s quality assurance system in 2017, and preparations right now are intensive.